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Indoor fixtures at Nov 1 v2

For All Junior Players | Starts every November | Finals at Lords in March

The Game!

Cricket, but turbo- charged.

Indoor cricket is a fast and furious version of the classic game, and it’s a great way of enjoying this traditionally fair-weather sport all year round.

Indoor cricket involves 2 teams of 8 players, on a much smaller pitch enclosed by netting, and matches feature 2 innings of 12, 6-ball overs.

For younger cricketers, indoor cricket can be a more exciting, exhilarating game and a great way to get into cricket without having to give up your weekends throughout the summer, or fork out for expensive kit.

ECB Indoor Cricket Benefits for Outdoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket, also known as Action Cricket, is an exciting team game that lasts for approximately an hour. It combines fun, fitness and competition, and its simplicity allows everyone to play!

Parents & Coaches

Does the enthusiastic cricketer in your house want to keep playing once September comes & the cricket season ends?

MJCA Clubs

Do your juniors want to keep playing after the season ends? Are you looking for more to keep your young players engaged all year round?

Gunnersbury Park Hub

The Gunnersbury Park Hub is the Middlesex home for junior cricketers throughout the county. Its based near the geographical centre & there are organised matches every Sunday afternoon.

There are currently 9 different age group competitions starting with boys Under 10s & the girls also have 4 age group comps mirroring the boys & starting at U11.

Cricket for all Juniors

The Middlesex Junior Cricket Association not only organise your clubs’ outdoor competitions in the summer, we also have a thriving indoor cricket set up for all standards.

Not enough players?

Competitions are organised for all the clubs that enter. Not enough players in your club? Not a problem. Just get in touch with the organisers at & register your interest & your club will be introduced to other clubs in the same situation to merge for the comp if that suits

What about the cost?

The matches are run cost neutral which means there are no profits but there are still other costs. Matches last an hour & £48 per team. That means £6 per player per game. And to make the trip worthwhile, 2 matches are arranged mostly back to back or occasionally a break between games.

Value for money

Most definitely! 2 matches per visit. Umpire / Scorers are provided & are all MCO officials. Scores fixtures & tables all circulated within 24 hours. Imported indoor specific match balls called Burleys are used. Hard enough for the players to use but soft enough only for moderate protection ie gloves & box.

For achieving teams, there’s the dangling carrot of a Lords final. And beyond that teams are invited to compete nationally in Birmingham which is one of a handful of purpose built venues.

And beyond that still, players could be selected for their national team at age group World Cups held every 3 years.

What they’ve said

Duncan Holden / Stoke Newington Cricket Club “Thanks very much again for all your organisational efforts – our boys loved their matches last Sunday!
Katy Wallace, Roehampton & Fulham Cricket ClubOur U15s loved the format / games – huge thanks for all your support in putting these indoor matches on. The girls really enjoyed it and look forward to the next games!
Adam Muzikant, Primrose Hill Cricket Clubfirstly the PHCC boys really had fun on Sunday i am told – i was not around – really glad we entered and you managed to accommodate PHCC last minute – so thank you v much