U10 Outdoor competition Rules

General Rules

Other than as set out below all matches will be played according to the Laws of Cricketand the general MJCA Outdoor Competition rules;

  1. The Under 10 Competition is called the Sir George (Gubby) Allen Trophy
  2. Teams shall comprise 10 players, each of whom shall only be a bona fide member of the club he or she represents.
  3. Each Area shall be responsible for organising its own U10 competition. Two U10 teams from each Area will compete in the County League Play-offs.
  4. Each team starts with a score of 200 runs.
  5. The batting team shall be divided into pairs. Each pair shall bat for 2, 3 or 4 overs – the number to be agreed prior to the start of a match, depending on the number of overs per innings in the match.
  6. Batters shall have unlimited ‘lives’ but each ‘life’ shall result in 5 runs being deducted from the total score. No batter who is out shall face the next ball. Batters shall change ends at the fall of each wicket except if a wicket falls from the last ball of an over.
  7. All players except the wicket keeper must bowl and no player may bowl more than one over more than any other bowler.
  8. In the event of the umpires being satisfied that a player is incapacitated, his/her place may be taken by a reserve who shall bat and/or bowl in his/her place. If no reserve is available, any over due to be bowled by the injured player shall be bowled by another player without exceeding his/her quota. The captain of the fielding side shall choose one of the players in the first 4 pairs to bat a second time to make up the 5th pair.
  9. In the event of a team having only 9 players, the number of overs in the match will be unchanged and any overs that would have been bowled by the missing player, should be bowled by one of the other players without exceeding his quota. The captain of the fielding side shall choose one of the players in the first 4 pairs to bat a second time to make up the 5th pair. There should be no expectation that an extra fielder to replace the missing player should be provided by the other team.
  10. Wicket-keepers may not be changed during the course of an innings, expect in the event of an injury.

    The team scoring most runs after deductions for wickets lost shall be the winner.

    If scores are equal the winner will be:

    1. The side which has taken most wickets.
    2. If still equal: the side with the higher score at the end of 20 overs, 19, 18 etc. until a winner is established.
    3. If still equal: 9 players from each team, with the exception of the wicket keepers, shall bowl alternately at the wicket and the team scoring most hits shall be the winner. If the teams score the same number of hits, the same players shall bowl again on a sudden death basis until a winner is established