U9 Outdoor Competition Rules

Suggested Rules

There are no official rules for Under 9s matches, nor official leagues and cups.  The areas are at liberty to make up their own structures and rules.  The following rules have been suggested by the MJCA.

  1. 8 players a side, but flexible and to be agreed bilaterally based on numbers both clubs can field. Not more than 10 players per side and not less than 6 players per side is recommended
  2. Pairs cricket 16 overs per side, but possibly 20 overs per side, if 10 players per side, and 12 overs per side, if 6 players per side
  3. No bowler to bowl morethan one over more than any other bowler.
  4. Softball, but hardball may be used if both teams agree
  5. Ideally use a non turf pitch
  6. Pitch length 15 yards (17 yards if hardball)
  7. Boundary 30 yards
  8. No balls and wides incur 2 run penalty and are not rebowled, other than in the final over.
  9. Pads, gloves and/or helmets are optional, unless hardball, in which case full protective equipment required for batters and wicketkeepers
  10. Wicketkeepers may be changed and may bowl
  11. Teams can contain boys and/or girls
  12. U10 Boys may not ‘play down’, but U10 Girls may ‘play down’. Younger children can ‘play up’.
  13. If Clubs have more than one team, players can play for both teams in different matches if teams are short of players.
  14. Clubs encouraged to report results on Play Cricket and MJCA will publish informal league tables, using the points system used for the U10 Boys competition.